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One of the biggest contributions to winning people over in Thailand is made by the cuisine. Now famous the world over, it's hard not to find something to appeal to your palate, no matter what your taste.

From the cheapest roadside stalls to the most sophisticated city restaurants, Thai dishes will enchant your tastebuds. The succulent fish, delicately flavoured stir fries, tangiest curries and freshest fruit and vegetables are all just the norm in Thai cooking.

Heady flavourings such as lemongrass, coriander, chilli or coconut all compete to enhance a variety of dishes that will whet the appetite of just about anyone. Vegetarians are likely to enjoy a feast of tasty options, and anyone who sees themselves as an adventurous gourmand will not be disappointed.

Green and red curries, fishcakes, papaya and irresistible seafood all fight for space on the table, the only worry is finding the time to try everything on the menu.

For those that think they might like to try and recreate these fabulous dishes at home, a Thai cookery course offers you a great opportunity to learn. Take up your apron at your hotel in the city, or head out to residential courses in historic locations such as Chiang Mai and cook up a storm against the backdrop of the mountains.

Professional demonstrations will have you brandishing your wok like an old hand in no time, and accompanied trips to the markets will help you make sense of the many ingredients. Spend the evenings seeing how the experts do it at any number of outstanding restaurants that will often surprise, probably intrigue, but always impress.


Curries (red, green, yellow, jungle and southern); Phad Thai; Tom Yum Goong; Seafood; Fresh tropical fruit.


Durian, smells horrible, tastes fabulous!

Thailand Vacation Activities