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Not many countries have such a dedication to relaxation as Thailand. Thai massage has for centuries been enjoyed by people around the world, and visitors should never leave the country without having submitted to the incredible techniques of practitioners on their home soil.

Sampling Thai massage is as easy as walking into one of the many small shops in Bangkok, or looking out onto a perfect blue sea as one of the beach-side practitioners work their magic.

With such a proud history, it's little wonder that massage therapy in Thailand has evolved and the country can now boast luxurious spa resorts that will transport even the most stressed city dweller to a paradise of indulgent relaxation.

Thailand's spas blend perfectly into their natural surroundings, with pools that seem to stretch out into the sea, and treatment rooms that are secreted away in lush tropical jungle. All the latest treatments are available at spas up and down the country, whether you're in need of some intensive massage or just some time unwinding in the jacuzzi.

Jetlagged new arrivals and wilting partygoers can revive themselves as they lie in the elegantly appointed rooms. All five senses are brought to life with aromatic smells of lemongrass, relaxing sounds of running water, sips of jasmine tea, beautiful orchids to look at and the feeling of total relaxation.

The perfect way to totally slow down into your holiday is with an aromatic head massage, guaranteed to eliminate any stresses left over from home. After having your feet washed in a bowl of rose petals, you are taken to a treatment room lit with candles and orchids on your pillow to be massaged using the pressure point technique with aromatic hydrating oils of your choice. Some spas charge less than £10 for this one-hour treatment and you leave feeling wonderfully relaxed and pampered.

For those wanting to be pummelled and without too much modesty, try having almost every inch of your body pounded with ground-up coffee beans. Smelling good enough to eat and wrapped in a sarong you are led into a herbal steam sauna which uses herbs including lemongrass, prai and tamarind. Enjoy jasmine tea during your steam and then wash off the coffee treatment to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth for days.

In Thailand, traditional practices meet incomparable luxury in the most stunning tropical locations - a perfect recipe for relaxation in any language.


Traditional Thai massage; Head massage; Aromatherapy massage; Organic body scrubs; Body wraps; Facials; Pedicures and Manicures.

Thailand Vacation Activities