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A country blessed with such an abundance of natural beauty doesn't have to try too hard to conjure up a romantic atmosphere. If you want to have the most memorable wedding or honeymoon possible, then allow Thailand to effortlessly exceed your expectations.

From the unstinting friendliness of the people to the outstanding backdrops to the focus on detail and unsurpassed hospitality, you can relax in the knowledge that your once in a lifetime experience will be just that.

Have your wedding in the luxury of some of the best hotels in the world, or enjoy the intimacy of a sun-kissed ceremony on one of the glorious beaches. Buddhist temples and altars, silk ties and petals all help to create the wedding of your dreams.

Your honeymoon can be whatever you want it to be as well. You may prefer the excitement of exploration, heading off into the mountains or a spot of spontaneous island hopping. Or perhaps you'd rather just enjoy some time together in the sumptuous seclusion of an exclusive resort, with your own deluxe cabin looking out onto a private beach, the perfect way to enjoy some of the breathtaking Thai sunsets.

There's nothing artificial or forced about the romantic nature of Thailand. Everything you can enjoy, from the finest service and cuisine to the ultimate in pampering and lavish relaxation, to the smiling faces of just about everyone you'll meet - it all just happens naturally.

Rules & Regulations for British Citizens wishing to marry in Thailand:
  1. Marriage in Thailand should be performed according to Thai law and any detailed questions on the procedure should be addressed to the appropriate Thai authorities.
  2. A religious ceremony on its own is not sufficient.
  3. The documentation to be produced is at the discretion of each individual Registrar. Most Registrars will be satisfied with an affirmation of freedom to marry.
  4. The marriage will only be recognised under UK law if it is valid under Thai law. Therefore, the marriage must be registered with the Registrar at an Amphur (District) Office. A list of Amphur offices is available from Tourism Authority of Thailand's UK website:
  5. Your marriage certificate will be in Thai. It is recommended to commission a "sworn translation" of the marriage certificate from a translation bureau for legal use in the UK.
  6. Consular Section can arrange for your marriage to be recorded in the UK although this is not a legal obligation.
  7. It is important to note that a foreign national does not automatically acquire British nationality through marriage to a British national.
Legal requirements for 'Affirmation of freedom to marry':
  1. Proof of identity is required.
  2. Bride and groom must be 18 years of age or over.
  3. Bride and groom must both be single.
  4. If either party is widowed or divorced, relevant paperwork must be provided (original only).
  5. Passports must be valid for at least six months from date of entry to Thailand.

For further information:
Consular Section British Embassy
1031 Wireless Road Bangkok 10330

Enjoy a colourful Buddhist wedding ceremony; Retreat to a luxury spa; Island hop and find your own private beach; Ride an elephant together; Hire a longtail boat just for both of you; Have a private dinner on your own sala; Take in a Thai sunset (anywhere!).

Thailand Vacation Activities