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Thailand Vacation Destination - Phichit

Phichit was probably built by Phraya Khot Thabong in 1058. The community was named Sa Luang during the Sukhothai period(1238 - 1350) and was designated a Thai province during the reign of King Rama V (1868 -1910)

The province covers an area of 4,531.0 square kilometers and borders Phitsanulok to the north, Phetchabun to the east, Nakhon Saman to the south and Kamphaeng Phet to the west. Administratively, Phichi is divided into 8 Amphoes : Muang, Bang Mun Nak, Pho Prathap Chang Pho Thale, Sam Ngam, Taphan Hin, Tap Khlo and Wang Sai Phun. And it is 344 kilometers north of Bangkok.


Wat Tha Luang This monastery is situated on the west bank of Mae Nam Nan near the Provincial Hall, housing a bronze Buddha image of Chiang Saen period, cast in the attitude of subduing evil, in the main shrine hall. This image is believed to have been brought from the north, by Khun Phaen, to be enshrined here. The name of the Buddha image is "Luang Pho Phet" having a lap width of 1.40 meters and regarded an important Budha image of Phichit which is highly respected by Phichit inhabitants.

Bung Sifai This 12,100 rai swamp, located 1 km. west of Pichit Market, having water all year round, is a fish breeding source surrounded by lotus, grown by the people for use of its flowers and leaves, along the bank. In the area there is a park called "Swan PHA Six Nakharin" . It is a nice place for relaxation and picnic dining. The place is also decorated with 'Fiches Crocodile Auditorium', an auditorium constructed in the shape of a crocodile, since Fiches was once full of crocodiles. Main functional part is the'Stomach' which contains at most 30 persons in an air - conditioned hall. Its other dimensions are as follow: 38 meters long, 3 meters high and 4.5 meters long for the mouth. There is also an 'Aquarium' which is open daily from 10.00-19.00 hrs.

The Old City Park It is located on Chichi Wang Child Rd., about 7 king. from Fiches township. It is believed that this area used to be the old Fiches town approximately 900 years ago.

In the park, there is an arboretum, a peaceful relaxing place for local people. In addition, there are Ko Six Mall, Them Chalawan and sculptures of important features from a Tai literature, 'Kraithong'.

Wat Mahathat It is located in the area of the old City Park, presumed to have been constructed in Sukhothat period. Objects of art found from excavation made in this wat are potteries and Buddha images of various eras.

Wat Nakhon Chum This is an ancient monastery located in Tambon Muang Kao in the area of the old city, 9 kms. from town. It had been utilized as a place where an oath-taking ceremony took place in the old days. This is the place where an old Main Shrine Hall and an 800 - year - old Buddha image are located.

Wat Pho Prathap Chang Located inTambon Pho Prathap Chang, 27 kms. from town on Phichit-Wang Chik-Pho Prathap Chang Route, is an ancient monastery surrounded by walls and once was used by King Narai the Great as a camp site for his troops in a northern trip. It is also the place where King Sua or King Sanphet VIII was born.

Wat Khao Rup Chang This wat is located approximately 15 kms. south of Phichit on Phichit-Taphan Hin Road having its main shrine hall built on a hilltop where white rocks stack up forming an elephant figure. A Walking Buddha and replica of Buddha's Footprints are housed in this monastery.

Phra Buddha Ket Monglchon This is also called 'Luang Pho To Taphan Hin', the largest Sitting Buddha, openly enshrined in Wat Theva Prasat The construction was completed in 1970 having a lap width of 20 meters with 24 meters in height and its name was bestowed by H.M. the king as "Phra Buddha Ket Mongkhon".

Phichit Annual Boat Racing With cooperation of the Phichit Province and Tourism Authority of Thailand, provincial boat racing is restored to be a national level festival, taking place on every first Saturday and Sunday of September, at Wat Tha Luang located on the bank of Mae Nam Nan. The main features of the festival are boat racing and boat procession beauty contest which is regarded an exciting, gayful, and colorful one.

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