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Thailand Vacation Destination - Koh Tao

The island is similar in geography to its bigger brothers to the south, Samui and Phang Nga. There are fewer beaches, though those few are particulaly beautiful. Bungalow resorts can be found on every beach, and like Pha Ngan, most range from remote and primitive to basic, though there are a couple of high quality establishments here. A few sandy, rocky tracks provide access to the bungalows from a single boat pier in the villages on the west coast.

Koh Tao's real claim to fame has nothing to do with its beaches, coconut palms and rocky mountains, Instead, it's the underwater realm surrounding the island that has established its reputation. There is a thriving dive industry on the Island, and for those who have never dived before, Koh Tao offers ideal conditions in which to learn.

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