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Thailand Vacation Destination - Ranong

Ranong is one of Thailand's southern provinces. Located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, 568 kilometers south of Bangkok, Ranong encompasses an area of 3,298 square kilometers. The province shares borders with Myanmar (Burma) and the Thai province of Chumphon. Geographically, in addition to sixty-two islands, long expanses of sandy beaches, unspoiled forests and waterfalls, parks, and a world sanctuary zone, Ranong finds the Kra, the narrowest point on the Malayan Peninsula, located within its borders. Administratively, Ranong is divided into five districts, Muang, La-un, Kra Buri, and Kapur, and one subdistrict, Suksamran.

  • North - Borders Amphoe Tha Sae (Chumphon) and Myanmar.
  • South - Borders Amphoe Khirirat Nikom (Surat Thani) and Amphoe Khura Buri (Phang Nga).
  • East - Borders Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Sawi and Amphoe Pha To (Chumphon).
  • West - Borders Ko Song (Myanmar) and Indian Ocean.

From Ranong city to nearby provinces

  • Chumphon 122 kms.
  • Ta Kua Pa, Phang-Nga 174 kms.
  • Lang Suan-Surat Thani 223 kms.
  • Phuket 300 kms. From Ranong city to its districts

From Ranong city to its districts

  • Amphoe Kra Buri 57 kms.
  • Amphoe La Un 43 kms.
  • Amphoe Ka Poe 52 kms.
  • Suk Samran subdistrict 85 kms.

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