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Thailand Vacation Destination - Ttrang

Getting to Trang


  1. From Bangkok to Surat Thani, take 4 and 41 south to Thung Song about 786 Km., Then head right on 403 to Huay Yod head south on 4 again to Trang. The totel distance is about 864 Km.
  2. From Bangkok to Chumphon, take 4, then head right to Ranong-Phan Nga-Krabi and Trang. The total distance is about 1,020 Km.

There are daily trains from Bangkok Railway station (Hua Lamphong) to Trang. Further information can be acquired at Bangkok Railway station Tel (02) 223-7010. 223-7020 or Trang Railway station Tel (075) 21-8012

There are daily non and air-conditioned buses from the Bangkok southern terminal to Trang. Further information can be acquired at Bangkok southern terminal, Tel (02) 435-119 (air- conditioned bus) and Tel (02) 434-5557-8

Thai International Airways offers daily flights from Bangkok to Trang. Tel (02) 280-0060 or (075) 21-9923, 21-8066 (Trang) for further information.

Transportation within Trang
There are Tuk-Tuk availiable to any place in town for only 5 Baht flat rate. The transportation between towns can be done conveniently by air conditioned van, bus and taxi.

Besides famous food, Trang offers visitors very good, high- class, luxurious hotels suitable for tourists and others. The cost of each varies according to the amount of comfortable facilities they contain. Most of first-class hotels are in Trang Town.

    Useful Telephone Numder
  • Had Chao Mai National Park Tel (075) 21-0099
  • Moo Ko Petra National Park Tel (074) 78-1572
  • Marine National Parks Protection Office, Tel (075) 21-0664
  • Ratchamongkol Aquarium, Tel (075) 24-8291-5
  • Trang Meteorology Station, Tel (075) 21-0775
  • Marine Police Station, Tel (075) 25-1130
  • Trang Tourism Association. Tel (075) 21-5580
  • Marine National Parks Division, Royal Forest Department, Tel (02) 561-4292-3
  • Trang Tourism Development Center, Tel (075) 21-5867-8
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Southern Office: Region 2, Tel (075) 34-6515-6 Fax (075) 34-651

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